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From Vision To Reality

inspiration to installation service from the walls in

At CJ & Associates, Inc. we take our mission of “inspiration-to-installation service from the walls in,” very seriously. Many of our clients do not know exactly what they need but realize that change is necessary. Our interior designers work hard to understand your company or organization and its goals, so we can help you envision all the potential for your space. Take a look at these samples from our portfolio to get a sense of the possibilities.

A modern interior at an office shows brown chairs, a wall-length bookshelf, and wall to ceiling windows to encourage natural light.

Celebrating the Completion of The Probst Group’s Visionary Headquarters

The journey of designing The Probst Group's new corporate headquarters was one of partnership, innovation, and relentless pursuit of excellence.
CJ & Associates with Teknion transformed this office space.

Transforming a Chicago Office with CJ & Associates & Teknion

CJ & Associates with Teknion transformed a Chicago office space into a modern, versatile environment using purpose-built design. Read on to find out more about this special commercial design project.
The interior of the We All Rise resource center featuring red, green, and black design elements.

We All Rise: Design that Honors Culture and Function

CJ & Associates was proud to partner with We All Rise to transform their resource center into a welcoming, functional space that supports the diverse needs of the local African American community.

Elevating Workspace Dynamics: The DBHW Wealth Partners Project Unveiled

Unique design solutions that elevate the way people work and thrive.
Modern Industrial

Modern Industrial Space

The conference room is absolutely breathtaking – a perfect testament to professionalism and sophistication.

New Build Industrial Project with Natural Wood Accents

As industry leaders, we have access to high-quality products and the expertise required to successfully execute even the most complex projects.
Horicon Bank waiting area

Modern Banking At Its Finest

Bringing banking into the modern world with a fresh new look that leaves customers feeling energized and comfortable.