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Modern Banking At Its Finest

Modern Banking At Its Finest

Bringing banking into the modern world with a fresh new look that leaves customers feeling energized and comfortable.
Horicon Bank waiting area


Horicon Bank’s newest branch in New Berlin, Wisconsin, was a project we were thrilled to take on. Completed in January 2022, we worked with the client to create a fresh, modern look for their bank with the goal of having a space that felt invigorating and comfortable to those who entered it.

When it comes to designing an office space that wows clients, incorporating the right furniture can make all the difference. With this project, we furnished four different areas of the office: the reception and waiting area, private offices, the breakroom, and the workroom. Our focus was on creating a space that was not only functional but stylish and modern while incorporating their brand and pops of color throughout their space.

In the reception and waiting area, we took inspiration from the architecture of the building and chose furniture that mimicked the unique shapes and clean lines found in the ceiling and the teller desks. To enhance the functionality of the private offices, we incorporated products from the Teknion Expansion Casegoods collection, which included many important features such as height adjustability and functional storage areas. 

For the breakroom, we went all out with Teknion Banqs Booth & Tables and Global Popcorn, creating a space that invites employees to relax. The icing on the cake (or perhaps the butter on the popcorn) was the banquette along the wall that expanded seating options and created a statement piece that tied the room together. To maximize space in the workroom, our team incorporated products from Teknion Expansion Training & OFS Acen, including flip-top training tables & nesting chairs that easily store away.

At the end of the day, designing a space that balances form and function is our passion – and this project was no exception! Working with the Horicon Bank team was a joy; they were passionate about their new branch and welcomed new design ideas and unconventional furniture choices. We knew we’d created something special when we walked away, and we’re proud of the crisp, energizing environment we crafted.