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The Best Office Amenities to Excite Employees and Impress Clients

A modern office space showcasing the best office amenities for workplaces today

As Wisconsin’s premier commercial interior design firm, it is imperative that the team at CJ & Associates is well-acquainted with the latest office amenities on the market. Our talented and forward-thinking designers have a keen eye not only for aesthetics but also for functionality, sustainability, and cutting-edge technology.

We polled our team and asked them to share their favorite amenities right now. Discover the best office amenities to incorporate into your office renovation or re-design and learn how they are reshaping the workplace of the future.

Explore CJ & Associates’ Favorite Office Amenities

A Focus on Sustainability 

Increased awareness and implications of environmental impact have driven a new era of eco-consciousness. This focus on sustainability can even be seen in the furniture industry through the use of recycled materials, the incorporation of more bamboo, which is one of the most renewable resources, and even the design of products that can be safely composted or recycled at the end of their lifecycle. 

One notable sustainable office amenity is the 111 Navy Chair, produced by Emeco in partnership with Coca-Cola. It is the perfect example of sustainable furniture design, with each chair crafted from 111 recycled Coca-Cola bottles. Despite being crafted from plastic bottles, it is equally aesthetic as it is functional, having been designed in a myriad of colors and stand up to tough use.

A great way to incorporate employee wellness and excite clients who visit is to incorporate a biophilic element or natural amenity. The Naava Healthtech Green Wall from Teknion is one such innovative interplay of technology and nature, transforming mundane office spaces into dynamic, nature-infused environments that boost morale and promote health. 

This wall, much more than a stunning living piece of decor, has been scientifically validated to enrich indoor air, neutralize harmful chemical pollutants, and maintain optimal humidity. It acts as a powerful bio-based air purification system and an effective partition, infusing interiors with the advantages of the great outdoors.

Consider Client Safety & Privacy

Part of exciting clients with office amenities is to consider their well-being and safety within your space. These amenities enhance the client experience, fostering long-term relationships and promoting company loyalty. They also reflect the company’s values, improving your business’s reputation and setting it apart from the competition.

One product that puts clients and employees at ease in a post-pandemic world is the OTTLITE Desk Lamp, a revolutionary product that utilizes SpectraClean Purify’s sanitizing technology to cleanse the surrounding air. More than two-thirds of office workers are at risk of sickness due to dirty desks, yet this product has been proven to kill bacteria and viruses. Both your staff and clients will appreciate the commitment to their health. 

Not every office space comes with extra rooms or even closed doors that can be utilized for private or confidential phone calls. For businesses that have employees and clients who require confidential communication, the Friant Reddispace Phone Booth provides a unique solution, especially for offices short on space. It is a stand-alone booth with sound-proof insulation that offers a unique, private space for calls. Plus, it is a more affordable alternative to more expensive phone booth models on the market. 

Office Amenities to Promote Hybrid Work

In today’s digitally forward workplace, it is commonplace for employees and clients to join meetings online. Selecting furniture that works well with technology is part of this consideration. The concept of the Halcon Optic furniture line, for example, uses a distinct curved shape that allows both in-person and virtual participants to enjoy a more equitable hybrid meeting experience. 

Continually, laptops are becoming increasingly common options, but with them, comes the challenge of consistent and readily available power sources. A new, innovative product to our team, the portable Omnicharge power station provides mobile power solutions, offering flexibility for clients and employees alike. The power stations offer a variety of 20,000 mAh or 40,000 mAh chargers that can be checked out and returned, much like a library book, always offering a fully charged option.

Finally, the landscape of office work is shifting to be better in tune with individual employee needs including ergonomics, accommodating work-from-home setups, and promoting employee wellbeing. Mobile work tools including desk-mounted screens, flexible electrical accessories, and height adjustability features allow employees to customize their workstations to their individual needs. 

It’s Time to Get Excited

Incorporating these favorite office amenities not only excites employees who use them day-to-day but also allows you to customize your place of work for the needs of your clients. You can showcase your business as a modern, functional, and sustainable workplace both internally and externally. Let our designers excite you about these office amenities that will transform your workplace. Contact the team today.