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Sitting is the New Smoking – Creating a Healthy Workspace

sit/stand desk in healthy workspace

Frequent sitting can be considered the new smoking when it comes to creating serious health consequences over time. However, a healthy environment minimizes these risks and can boost productivity and lower absenteeism rates. Here are several tips on how to create a healthy workspace for your employees.

Invest in Supportive Workspace Equipment

Sitting for extended periods of time encourages poor posture, which can lead to the development of musculoskeletal disorders. Create a healthy workspace by investing in sit/stand desks with ergonomic chairs and electronic equipment. Standing desks can reduce health risks from excess weight gain, heart disease, and higher blood sugar levels.

Improve Workspace Lighting

The lighting of your workspace can significantly affect the attitude and performance of your employees. You can improve healthy workspace lighting by installing more windows for natural light. If you cannot do this, you can incorporate blue-enriched light bulbs to reduce eye fatigue. In addition, light dimmers can help increase comfort, and automatic shut-off can save your company money on energy costs.

Boost Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality plays a significant role in the health and well-being of your employees. According to research studies, productivity can be boosted by approximately 11% when the air quality is boosted for a healthy workspace. You can boost air quality by adding plants and having an air filtration system. Make sure to regularly clean the filters in your heating, ventilation and cooling system.

Get People Moving with Collaborative Workspaces

Instead of working alone in cubicles, set up collaborative workspaces where teams meet outside their regular office space. This periodic movement breaks up desk time and allows people to move around and stretch.

Creative Materials Allow Sound Control and Contribute to the Ambiance

One of the great ways to provide a healthy workspace is to contribute to the office ambiance with creative ways to make walls, half walls and open spaces. In addition, adding greenery brings in a bit of the outdoors and contributes to healthier indoor air. Aquariums are another excellent way to bring in nature in a peaceful atmosphere.

Add a Workout Space/Gym for Employee Breaks

Incorporating an effective workout space or gym can dramatically improve your workspace. Keeping the blood flowing with some cardio and increasing energy and production. Many people fit in time for a workout right before or right after work, so why not let them do that right at the office as a work benefit? Some may even work out on break, leaving them invigorated for the rest of the day. Remember, contributing to employee health can save your company on insurance, workers’ compensation, and sick time costs.

Add a Small Café Offering Healthy Food Choices

Large numbers of employees and staff go outside the office for lunch. Many are looking for healthy options with fresh, organic foods. Adding a small café within the office building offers an option to keep employees in the building, saving downtime and offering them a healthy and convenient way to enjoy their break. It also offers a spot to meet with clients or guests for lunch.

Healthy Workspace Design for Wisconsin Commercial Interiors

Creating a healthy working environment can help you cultivate greater success for your company in numerous ways. Workplaces where the health and well-being of employees is valued can experience greater profitability while reducing workers’ compensation claims and turnover rates.

You want a specialist to help create the healthy atmosphere you crave within your area and spaces. CJ & Associates excels in commercial interior design and furniture for Wisconsin companies. Design consultants can help you create a healthy workspace for your employees with innovative solutions to meet your unique needs. Request a consultation for your business today