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Higher Education Administrative Building

Higher Education Administrative Building

Our client wanted to use this project as a reset of furniture and interior standards on their campus.
Higher education administrative building

The Challenge

Our client wanted to use the Hub project as a reset of furniture and interior standards on their campus. After careful consideration, the Teknion/CJ & Associates, Inc. team was awarded over half of a $7.5 million furniture budget for this project, which consisted of workstations and private offices.

The Response

The Hub project was a fast track building in which we were still completing construction on floors while we were installing furniture on other floors. A Milestone Schedule was offered with the original bid, based on our construction schedule and requirements to be completed and occupied on a specified date. CJ & Associates, Inc. worked extensively to coordinate their work with our other vendors and our contractor which was critical to complete the project phases on time and enable us to meet our very aggressive schedule. CJ & Associates, Inc. was able to adjust quickly to changes and delays by other vendors and contractors. This ability to be flexible and accommodating was an important reason why this project was a success.

The Results

The furniture solutions that CJ & Associates, Inc./TEKNION implemented have been successful and we are now implementing similar furniture solutions in another project, a six-story building where we are doing a phased remodeling of four floors. The first phase of this project is commencing on May 31, 2019 and scheduled to complete in 2021.

We have never regretted our decision to partner with Teknion and CJ & Associates, Inc.. They are a highly experienced group of people and a pleasure to work with. They will support your goals today and be by your side every step of the way for years to come.

Client Facilities Project Manager