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Data Systems Provider

Data Systems Provider

We reconfigured 275 outdated workstation sizes and finishes, gained density across two floors and replaced the carpet that had been in place since 1995.
Carpet replacement and workstation refresh

The Challenge

Refresh 3rd and 4th floors (275 workstations) reusing existing Teknion workstation product that had been in place as a standard since 1995.  Reconfigure the outdated workstation sizes and finishes, gain density and replace all of the carpet. Work areas remained semi-occupied and therefore a phasing plan was necessary.

The Response

CJ & Associates, Inc. helped recognize the possibilities of reconfiguring the current workstation sizes so they would better suit the way departments function, assuring they would support technology needs and allow for an increase in overall density.  Employees were interviewed as to their specific needs by CJ & Associates, Inc. designer, Lisa Rudy. She analyzed all data and offered mindful solutions that not only enhanced the work environment for the employees, but kept in mind the desire to repurpose as much existing furniture as possible as a main corporate goal.

Workstations were resized to a standard 6’x8’ footprint; panel heights were reduced to 51”H; fabric elements and trim were updated to a lighter finish palate; additional ergonomic accessories were recommended; customized solutions provided for each and every employee; accenting walkways were designed using carpet tile that complimented our new carpet choices.

The Results

An increase in the number of workstations to the desired density; added collaborative areas where employees could actively engage with one another and created an overall bright, refreshed environment that attracts and retains the most important asset, people.

The Milestone schedule was developed by CJ & Associates, Inc., identifying all of the important dates throughout each of the 12 phases – The process was seamless, with each phase completing exactly as planned.

As the needs continue to pivot and change with corporate direction, CJ & Associates, Inc. continues to be a valued partner by providing exemplary design and service.  We have partnered together since 1995 and are confident that this relationship will continue long into the future.

What a fantastic partnership we have with CJ & Associates, Inc.! Roberta, we’ve been together a long time and I so appreciate your guidance/support and friendship. All the other CJ & Associates, Inc. family too have been over the top accommodating and just a pleasure to work with. I am over the moon HAPPY!
Facilities Management Director

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