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The need to focus on employee wellness is becoming more of a concern for many companies. Spending all day isolated while sitting at a desk can affect your employees’ health and morale. An office cafe can help your employees work smarter to achieve your goals and objectives. Here is everything you need to know about incorporating an office cafe into your workplace.

What is an Office Cafe?

Resorting to a drab break room to eat a microwaved lunch or grab a cup of coffee can be demoralizing and affect employee productivity and burnout. In addition, remote employees can be accustomed to the comforts of home and be less willing to return if there is no place similar to rest and relax from work. Incorporating an office cafe can resolve these issues in a cost-effective way for employers to keep employees happy and productive. 

An office cafe is a customized and innovative space for employees to relax and socialize during breaks. These cafes can be used as an office party space or for meetings, conference events, and work collaborations. The design can include various items like tables, chairs, stools, and booths. In addition, modern designs can include seating areas around fireplaces and laptop tables. 

Perks of an Office Cafe

An office cafe can provide numerous perks for your workplace. Employees can have a healthy space to rest and recharge during lunch breaks. This can help prevent burnout and improve employee retention and productivity. These innovative spaces can also deliver the comforts of home for employees transitioning back to the office after the pandemic. 

Leaving during lunch and having enough time to eat and get back to work can be stressful for employees. Offering a space for employees can minimize travel time and boost health by getting workers up and moving from their desks during lunch breaks. 

Making the investment for an office cafe in your workplace can also help you attract higher-quality employees for your business. It can communicate that you value your employees, and this will encourage workers to put forth greater effort. As a result, you can retain employees longer and reduce costs with hiring and training. You can also create a dedicated space to meet with vendors and partners for business deals and negotiations in a warm and inviting space. 

Office Cafe Design Tips

There are a few design elements to consider when incorporating an office cafe into your workplace. Create a warm and inviting space in an easy-to-access location that offers multiple ways to engage in work activities. 

Employees should be able to make it to the cafe in five minutes or less from their desks. Standing areas can help prevent many health issues caused by sitting at a desk all day. Choosing the right color palette can play a role in employee health and wellness. Green and blue can have an effect in boosting productivity and restoration from work fatigue.

Stock the space with healthy foods and beverages to provide nutritious refreshments to reinvigorate employees throughout the workday. Ensure there are plenty of outlets for employees to charge electronic devices. You may also want to consider adding sofas and televisions as additional perks to help employees recharge. 

Customized Office Cafe Solutions 

Are you considering an office cafe for your workplace? Creating an effective space for your employees can be challenging. An experienced designer can help recommend the best options to design your workplace for the future needs of your employees. 

CJ & Associates specializes in commercial interior design to maximize the potential of your workspace. Expert designers can help you create and build a customized office cafe with remodeling, furnishings and the latest technology. Call to schedule a consultation today.

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