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Mental Health in the Office – Creating a Healthy Work Environment

Creating a Healthy Work Environment

In the pre-pandemic world, creating a healthy work environment was not always a top priority. Now, returning to the office is a hot-button topic in a post-pandemic economy and is something more employers are seeking ways to address effectively. Moreover, as the ability to work from home becomes an all-but-expected perk in a wide variety of industries, the pressure is on upper management to lure workers back to the office. 

Supporting mental health initiatives and touting the emotional benefits of in-person collaboration and team-building only goes so far. Today, employers must provide a mindful, appealing workplace to maintain staffing goals and productivity. In addition, as pandemic-related shutdowns, slowdowns, and lifestyle shifts gave people time to contemplate their personal health and wellness actively, it’s also imperative to provide a space conducive to creating a healthy work environment.

Why Creating a Healthy Work Environment is More Important Than Ever

Now more than ever, people in the workforce are reevaluating their attitudes toward work. Months of remote work created a seismic shift in how many people view going into the office. Some perceived their time telecommuting to be more productive on a professional level and more satisfying on a personal level. 

For some, the simple flexibility of working wherever is physically comfortable has been an absolute game-changer. Sitting all day has documented effects on the body, most of them negative. However, the freedom to simply stand at will and walk around versus being cramped in a cubicle is enough to give even the most dedicated worker pause at the idea of returning to the office. 

Employees expect better amenities than a water cooler and a bland break room. They need workspace equipment that supports their physical needs and design that supports peaceful, mindful approaches to work and productivity. 

Steps You Can Take Toward Creating a Healthy Work Environment in Your Office Space

If you’re ready to bring the team back into offices that reflect a company culture supporting wellness and health, you can make high-impact changes to send that message. 

  • Create Flexibility for Workspaces – Instead of rigid conference rooms or cubicle farms, why not look for ways to transform more areas into flexible, multi-use spaces ready to meet a variety of needs? For example, swap stationary cubicles for multipurpose furniture and modular wall systems to create spaces capable of fostering large-scale collaborative work down to solo-managed projects.

  • Improve Light and Air Quality – There’s just something depressing and institutional about fluorescent office lighting. From the intermittent flickering to the interminable buzzing sound, they’re just not going to fit the bill when your goal is creating a healthy work environment. Swap out those old ballasts for lighting capable of boosting comfort, reducing eye strain, and adding to a more tranquil and healthier workspace.

    Speaking of quality-of-life upgrades that can lead to quantifiable change, research from Harvard University into potential correlations between air quality and worker productivity showed up to 8% increased productivity when environmental air quality improves.

  • Boost Comfort and Confidence – When people feel comfortable in their workspace, they feel more confident in the work they’re doing in that space. Investing in high-quality design and purposefully-built furniture created with ergonomics and healthy workspace principles in mind means your team will feel better and work better.

Help Create a Healthy Work Environment to Welcome Your Team Back to the Office

Invite your team back to a comfortable, productive environment that fosters meaningful work, not a depressing space where they do not feel their best. This is where working with a specialist in creating a healthy work environment that’s both beautiful and functional is a wise choice. CJ & Associates specializes in commercial interior design and understands your unique challenges. Request a consultation for your business today to learn how to transform your workspace into a more efficient, effective, comfortable, and healthy space.

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