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Coffee Road – A Brief History

Coffee Road – A Brief History

Pre 1959

For over 30 years, CJ & Associates has called New Berlin, Wisconsin, our home and base of operation.  The history of New Berlin, which today seems to be so modern and suburban, actually started even before Wisconsin became a state.  The first settlers to the area arrived in the northeastern part of what is now New Berlin all the way back in 1836.  The first name for this area was Town of Mentor, but in 1840 was renamed by one of the original founders for his hometown, New Berlin, New York.  The town remained a rural and agricultural area for over one hundred years, when westward migration after World War II began to fill new subdivisions, tripling the population in just ten years before the incorporation of the City of New Berlin in 1959.

Post 1964

The construction of the New Berlin Industrial Park, with CJ’s showroom and distribution center being located on the far southern edge, provided large-scale growth to the city of New Berlin beginning in 1964.  When Interstate 43 was extended through New Berlin with a major interchange at Moorland Road, this provided the ability for even more expansion in the far southern part of the city.  The neat six-by-six-mile square that is New Berlin hugs the western edge of Milwaukee County, with I-94 along the northern boundary and the cities of Waukesha & Muskego its neighbors to the west and south.

Have a Cuppa

If you’ve driven through New Berlin, you may have noticed the “Historic Coffee Street” signs on this somewhat nondescript road just south of the Industrial Park. Coffee Road starts in “downtown” New Berlin (if it could be described as a downtown) on National Avenue (originally called Mukwonago Road) and heading west to Waukesha, ending at Racine Avenue.  The Historic Coffee Street was once a one track gravel road which passed through a German neighborhood and the Little Grove School District.  Passersby would stop along Coffee Street to sample their neighbor’s coffee bubbling on the back of each home’s big black stove.  Next time you’re in our neck of the woods, stop by at CJ & Associates for a cup of coffee and a tour of our showroom!

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