CJ Trend Report 2020 – Modern Retro

As we countdown trends in fashions for 2020, Modern Retro is the focus this week....

“Alright, Alright, Alright…”

Modern Retro always seems to have a place in trends. Whether in fashion or furniture, we see recurring shapes and silhouettes, colors and patterns that remind us of an era past. The nostalgic aspect of looking back is irresistible. It may be an era we grew up in, or one that our parents did – we see it in our memories in polaroid snapshots and images with borders that are yellowing with time. Television+media consistently present stories and images to rekindle memories or curiosity about our pop and social culture.

The effectiveness/success of an interior space is how it makes you feel when you enter and move around. What we have seen over the past decade+, is a need for soft furniture, almost residential in feel, alongside more traditional workstations/cubicles. Workers seek a place to relax, to have a casual meeting, to chat and brainstorm.

Tapping into Modern Retro brings iconic elements into a space, offering fun, interest and a nod to the best of the past.

The 1950’s was the era of the road trip: Route 66, seeing the country and taking photographs. Cat-eye sunglasses, pedal pushers and jeans are new to the fashion world. Families are prospering, using extra income to explore our country. It’s postcards and sunshine, fins on cars and two-lane highways. We see the 1960’s as mod, mod, mod. Abstract shapes, interesting color mixes, bright eye shadow, piled high hair. Mid century modern furniture shapes and forms from the 50’s and 60’s are still a fascination. We see new products consistently offered with this aesthetic – from desks to guest chairs, lounge seating, lamps, wallpaper and fabric patterns. The end of the 1960’s is the summer of love, Woodstock….hippies! Earthy color palettes of browns, greens, blues. The fashion fun of fringe – which hasn’t yet moved into the business setting – but we’re hopeful!