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CJ Trend Report 2020 – Embracing Nature

CJ Trend Report 2020 – Embracing Nature

Tree Huggers – Rejoice!

Embracing Nature is exactly as it sounds. Drawing inspiration from the study+observation of our natural environment and expressing those observations in the work environment. Embracing is to go all-in, and not let go. We have an expected color palette, in terms of the common office environment, and this trend, while not straying far from it, has the potential to introduce colorways to complement a neutral palette.

For example, blue is well-known to have calming effects on people. A palette of blues can be built that reflects the many variations of blue seen near a lake, or the sea. The greens, Aquas, deep blues, even purples can be set with light tan colors (think: sand) and whites (driftwood), creating an ocean or beach vibe in a room. Why do this? We have an attraction and need for natural elements. If a space satisfies that need, we are more comfortable in our surroundings, and the work we do in that space becomes more productive.

Embracing Nature gives us the opportunity to work colors through a space, much like painting a landscape.

A space can be immersive with one color or hue – as monochromatic as you’d like. Even a soft color has a great impact when used across all surfaces, fabrics, lighting. In the Midwest, that’s typically too much for us in the work environment. Where large swaths of color are readily used and impactful, is the workstation (cubicle). What an opportunity to make a huge statement! Wrapped in fabric, or using laminate, panels are a dominant focal point. The play from the wall color, ceiling color, flooring color can bring forward the colors of cubicles, or subdue them. Speaking of flooring, there are numerous options of carpet tile that are reminiscent of moss or can feel undulating – feeling like water.

It is the interior designer’s focus, to work with the client to find out where and how this palette can be effectively employed. Perhaps just a conference room would Embrace Nature, giving workers a respite with a natural feel, without leaving the building. Or maybe an entire floor moves through a color palette. It’s worth the effort to invite Mother Nature and her gorgeous colors into your environment!