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The Best Office Amenities to Help Employees Transition Back to the Office

Transition Back to the Office

As the pandemic eases, many employees are returning to the workplace. After working from home for the past two years, employees are changing expectations with desired work environments. Here are a few things your business might want to think about regarding the best office amenities to help your team transition back to the office. 


Creating a Healthy Environment

Sitting at a desk all day can have an effect upon one’s body and mind. Employees at home felt comfortable getting up and moving around, whereas in the office environment they can often feel confined to their desk. With stand/sit desks or ergonomically correct office chairs, the office environment and employee moral can be greatly improved. Your team will enjoy being at the office and your business will see the results of happy team members. 


Amenities and Perks

The transition back to the office can be made easier with amenities and perks employees have at home such as eat, meet, and greet spaces. Personalized work areas with customizable chairs and desks stocked with coffee and healthy snacks can be incentivizing and boost morale. You may also want to consider a perks program that offers discounts on products and services. Workspaces that offer spaces to unwind and relax can also help with the transition back to the office. 


Hybrid Options

Many employees desire a hybrid work model that entails a mix of working at home and the office. The days of the isolating cubicle are gone. Since many workers transition back to the office from the comfort of home, open spaces with social collaboration are enticing. You can offer commuter benefits to help employees come into the office or provide technology tools for work at home and the office. 


Transition Back to the Office with CJ & Associates 

Employees are looking for the best office amenities that demonstrate value and appreciation. 

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