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A New Era at CJ & Associates, Inc.

A New Era at CJ & Associates, Inc.

There’s a fresh new feeling of spring in the air and it’s not just what I see out the window and when I look at the calendar.  As CJ & Associates, Inc. enters their 35th year of business, a new era is dawning.  This may sound rather epic, but it really is a big deal to the folks here at CJ & Associates, Inc. as we’re excited to see a whole lot of new stuff around here.

New logo sets the scene

The celebration of our anniversary actually began a year ago on the 34th as we were introduced to our new logo.  This fresh new look for our branding respected our history while updating the image.  C and J, of course, is for Curt and Judy Rudy, the founders of this firm back in 1984 – Curt wanted to keep the teal in the logo to connect to and respect the previous color scheme so he got the C.  The J is in bright red to honor our company’s support of and dedication to the American Heart Association.  This mark is our way to honor Judy, taken from us much too early after a struggle with heart disease.  And the platinum A pays tribute to the rest of the gang – above silver or gold, we’re the very best!

A new website is being rolled out with the introduction of this blog.  Our aim is to provide a resource for those who know us already and for those who are meeting us for the first time.  It will certainly grow over time with more beautiful imagery as we add new projects to the portfolio.  This fresh new website builds off of the new logo and branding introduced a year ago and we hope you like it!

Fresh faces, new perspectives

There are new faces here at CJ & Associates, Inc., continuing our growth and even extending this fearless family-owned company into its third generation.  Curt’s grandson, Zack, will be moving into a sales position this summer and his granddaughter’s husband, Steve, has joined the firm in our ICR department.  We have a fresh new designer on our design team – Rebecca has added a new perspective to the service we daily provide to our clients and we’re so happy to have her.

Lastly, this new endeavor to provide an entertaining and informative blog will hopefully be something you’ll look forward to.  Look for a wide variety of articles about not only our projects and products, but also the culture and family atmosphere here at CJ & Associates, Inc. that is so important to so many of us.  The knowledge and experiences of the many loyal staff members will be shared through this outlet, and we hope you enjoy learning more about us and what we do!