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These 5 Pieces of Teknion Furniture Will Transform Your Space

Red Teknion furniture in a wood room with white walls.

Are you looking for office furniture that perfectly balances functional design and aesthetic value, bringing unparalleled craftsmanship and quality to your workspace? Teknion is a beacon of innovation in the world of modern office furniture, redefining workspaces with thoughtfully designed, expertly executed pieces. Teknion furniture caters to the dynamic needs of contemporary work culture, providing extraordinary flexibility and versatility from collaborative environments to private sanctuaries. 

  1. Kiosk
    Hybrid workplaces are more than just a buzzword. Teknion’s Kiosk is a versatile and innovative product that seamlessly combines furniture and architecture for workplaces that embody the future of work. Designed as a collection of freestanding modules, Kiosk creates functional work hubs and facilitates collaboration in any office environment. With its intuitive design and straightforward functionality, Kiosk offers a practical solution for training, meetings, and individual workspaces. This product can easily enhance productivity and efficiency, allowing users to customize their workplace based on their specific needs. Whether used in open workspaces or hybrid offices, Teknion’s Kiosk is a smart choice for optimizing the workplace.


  2. Expansion CaseGoods Meeting Tables
    One of Teknion’s recently revamped products, these meeting tables are unlike anything else on the market. With an extensive range of components that can be combined and interchanged, this product offers flexibility and adaptability to suit various office layouts. The meeting table comes in different shapes, sizes, and finishes, accommodating diverse numbers of participants and meeting spaces. Additionally, Teknion’s expansion case goods meeting table is designed with aesthetic refinement, providing an elegant and professional look that can be designed to compliment any boardroom or meeting area. Whether used for formal conferences or informal discussions, this table enhances productivity and fosters collaboration in the workplace.


  3. Expansion Cityline
    Speaking of workstations: Teknion’s Expansion Cityline is a versatile and dynamic system ideal for co-working stations. This system allows for the creation of workstations, collaborative spaces, and mixed-use areas that cater to the diverse needs of modern offices, whether that be singular focus work or collective pursuits. With its innovative design, Expansion Cityline acts as a single unifying combination of furniture, connecting different zones of social interaction and productivity with one power source. Teknion’s Expansion Cityline combines durability, functionality, and aesthetic appeal, making it an ideal choice for organizations seeking adaptable and efficient office furniture solutions. Plus, the variety of surface choices, finishes, and task-specific tools as part of this line add even further customization available. 

  4. upStage™ System
    Based on the concept of a single, simple stage, upStage™ makes it easy to create layered workspaces by building along either horizontal or vertical planes. The staging unit enables the integration of desks, adjustable-height tables, shelves, cubbies, screens, and cabinets. With your choice of color and texture options galore, it is possible to reflect your company culture and branding throughout important spaces. Plus, each member of your team is able to organize their space in a way that works best for them because so many elements are configurable on the spot. 

  5. hiSpace Quick Connect
    A height-adjustable table that can be assembled entirely in less than five minutes, the hiSpace Quick Connect is another innovative offering from Teknion. Prewired kits manage all the cables, wires, and controls, while a gyroscope-based collision detection system keeps all this quick moving and changing as safe as it is versatile. Want to move the table to its next memory position with the touch of a button? The hiSpace Quick Connect does that, too. 

Taking Your Workspace to New Heights with Teknion Furniture

Whether your ultimate goal is to foster better collaboration, create flexible areas that accommodate both solo and group work, or establish a sophisticated ambiance, Teknion has a piece that speaks your language. With a commitment to innovation and a finger perpetually on the pulse of evolving work dynamics, Teknion remains a trailblazer in the realm of modern, flexible, and purpose-driven office furniture. 

As you begin the process of redefining your workspace, partnering with CJ & Associates can help you bring Teknion’s transformative pieces into your expertly designed space. As the pros in crafting spaces that seamlessly blend style and functionality, CJA is the best choice to bring your dreams of a newer, more versatile, more functional, and more beautiful space to life.