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Our Capabilities

We offer our clients 821 years of hands-on industry experience converting ideas into realities gained from an immense portfolio of projects for thousands of clients.

Our sales team excels at customer satisfaction at every stage, from inspiration to installation. Consummate professionals, they bring experience, ingenuity, wisdom and responsiveness to every opportunity, no matter the scope. They regularly review new product innovations and share successful solutions with each other and the design team.

This generously shared pool of knowledge broadens and deepens the choices for every client, on every project.

Every senior interior designer on our staff is a Wisconsin Registered Interior Designer (WRID) AND hold National Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ) certifications. Your space will be planned in accordance with best-practice industry standards for interior design.

Our AOEE trained Senior Interior Designer offers you individual or group consultations to maximize ergonomic health benefits through evaluation, education, demonstration and product recommendations. With the right mix of ergonomic accessories used correctly, you can avoid common musculoskeletal injuries and costly downtime.

Even when deadlines are looming, and challenges are plentiful I love what I do. I find it exciting to be part of an industry that is very dynamic. It’s a constant learning and growing process to keep up with new and current trends in furniture, finishes and colors. It’s a great feeling to fulfill my customer’s needs with a functional, beautiful, safe work environment delivered right on time.Vicky Merline, NCIDQ, WRID, Senior Interior Designer, Professional Member, IIDA

Our installation team is well known for their courteous manners and hardworking ethic. We invest in their training by sending them to manufacturing certification courses for systems furniture. Our clients enjoy a skilled, experienced, dedicated crew to install their product with care and efficiency.

Our sales, design and installation teams work cohesively to surround your project with a creative, skillfully crafted, tailored mix of products and services, executed to the very best of our ability. Developed over 35 years, this model has proven to more than satisfy our clients. It keeps them returning again and again.