Change happens.

Your company may be experiencing growing pains, the need to right-size or move to a more advantageous location. Office furniture systems offer reconfiguration capabilities that change as your company does. Workstations (cubicles) can be transformed into collaborating or teaming areas, filing and storage can be painted to match a new color scheme, fabric elements updated to achieve a more modern aesthetic. This is just a start to the list of possibilities available to you. Using existing inventory and components will help your company stretch its furniture dollar. Selecting a system that can readily change will also make the most of your investment. We can help you determine which course of action makes the most sense for your company, and your situation.

Moving can be very stressful. We know this. We’ve done it thousands of times for thousands of professionals. From planning, to the careful handling of the furniture on move day, we’ll take great care of you to make it as painless as possible.


Seven Tips to Plan a Smooth Office Move